Frejs Revisorer

Frejs specializes in auditing, accounting, tax and consultancies primarily for owner-run companies

An audit provides quality assurance of financial information. It is important that interested parties can rely on the information companies submit concerning their financial standing as well as on the management of these companies. We contribute to providing increased credibility for the companies’ financial information. We are also looking to contribute with sound insight and management of the company’s operations and associated regulatory framework through our close method of working with the customer. We use systems and instruments for the audit, resulting in an effective outcome with quick analysis and feedback.

We have specialists in accounting that are organised into their own activity grouping. The accounting field is being continually developed and we can also provide our customers with any required support through our auditors and other specialists.

We follow trends in the area of tax closely, both in Sweden and abroad. The fast pace of change concerning taxes and legal issues makes this one of our most important tasks as your auditor.

At the current pace of development, it is vital to be able to serve as a competent advisor to customers. We adopt a holistic approach in our work which allows us to give advice and be a sounding board for our customers in a professional manner. We can contribute to companies selecting the right decision making process.

Through our specialists in accounting, and tax, as well as thorugh our well-established contact network, our auditors have access to a vast knowledge bank. Put briefly, everything you would expect from a partner, able to give advice and valuable input on issues concerning your company.