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    A personal and genuine auditing firm

    Personal and Genuine are words you might not automatically associate with an auditing firm. However, in our case, these are important concepts both to us and to our customers, since it is a prerequisite to our work to have a close understanding of our customers and their business operations.

    Frejs has about 70 members of staff, employed in three offices, providing us with the competence and the capacity to be auditors and advisors to all customers, such as quoted companies, close companies, municipalities and municipally-owned companies, as well as various other legal forms of business entities such as associations etc.

    There are four cornerstones which we strive to maintain:

    – Competence

    – Continuity

    – Commitment

    – Customer in focus

    When we talk about competence, we mean the kind of expertise that provides peace of mind to our customers when doing business, It means we have specialised knowledge, industry insight and an overall perspective of customer operations.

    Continuity is a crucial concept for our customers as well as for us. Our experience tells us that a good partnership only gets better with time.

    Commitment is a must in order to be a good auditor and advisor.
    To us, commitment means customer intimacy, extensive knowledge and professionalism when exercising our profession.

    The customer is always in focus and all customers are equally important. We strive to always be available to our customers and think long term in our business relations. We also have the added strength that, in our team, Frejs, there is always someone available that can be of assistance to the customer.