Frejs Revisorer

Welcome to Frejs

Frejs has offices in Gothenburg, Smålandsstenar and Värnamo but you will find our customers all throughout Sweden and abroad. The business is not just tied to our offices as we operate in all parts of Sweden.

The company started trading in 1974 and today, Frejs is an established auditing firm with about 70 employees. Our team includes auditors, consultants and tax specialists.

Frejs has all the requisite expertise and we are a large enough firm to have acquired experience from most industries. Yet, we are just the right size to safeguard personal relationships and maintain customer intimacy.

Our working methods and customer focus has allowed us to build an informal network of specialists, in addition to our own, in a wide range of industries and fields of knowledge. This is a great benefit to us and of course – to our customers.

Through our membership in AGN International, an association of auditors, lawyers, tax advisors and consultants with a global orientation, we have established international contacts.